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Technical Tuesday: Magnetic Closures

By September 1, 2016 Oktober 22nd, 2019 Technical Tuesday, Unkategorisiert, Unkategorisiert

Close your jacket without using Velcro or buttons.

If a technical ski jacket is manufactured with a main zipper cover, it should always be closed to prevent rain, snow and wind from getting directly onto the zipper. You could use a full waterproof zipper to create a complete protection, another option is to use a high quality zipper with a weather-protective cover. Normally these covers are closed with buttons or Velcro closures but both are not the most convenient and easy to use.

Because this main zipper cover is a critical item of your jacket, especially in snowy and wet conditions, VISOR engineered a solution that makes it very easy to ensure a full closure. Even better, it will close your zipper cover of your ski jacket automatically! VISOR engineered special magnetic closures inside the waterproof material so that the zipper will automatically be fully protected from the elements without doing anything. When you want to open your zipper you can easily place your hand between the openings of the closure and reach the zipper. Magnetic closures guarantee your zipper cover is always used as it is engineered to be used and fully protect you from the weather elements.

VISOR’s engineers its technical ski garment to create the most optimal and comfortable situation.